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 The contemporary man spends most of his life in cities and megapolises among concrete, glass and smog and doesn’t note how life passes by in a long train of monotonous grey days.

We offer you to dip into another life for a few days, full of interesting adventures and emotions, making the blood run faster in the veins. Artsakh (Karabakh) gives this opportunity to anybody who wishes. Artsakh is famous not only for its rich and ancient history, but also for its freedom-loving, even rebellious nature of the locals, Artsakhians, inclined to adventurism. Such a mentality was formed during the centuries first of all due to the natural conditions, demanding courage and determination of the locals. It is the nature of Artsakh that makes this region so attractive for the lovers of keen senses and for those who haven’t yet lost their adventurous spirit! High forbidding rocky mountains covered with primeval forest, deep ravines, on the bottom of which flows mountainous storm – this is the traditional landscape of Artsakh.

Artsakh gives an excellent opportunity for alpinism and rock-climbing both to beginners and to experienced climbers. The mountain-ridges and vertical rocky walls create an indelible impression and remain in mind by its gray majestic beauty for a long time. Numerous rivers flow along the territory of the region, among which the River of Tartar, which carves its way through the mountains of Martakert and Karvachar region, is the most significant.

Tartar practically along the whole length (200 km) is a typical mountainous river, stormy and rushy, with a number of rapids – the paradise for the lovers of rafting by canoe. The beautiful surrounding nature – deep canyons, rocks and mountains covered with virgin forests – dare you to have a walk, to dip in to the atmosphere of romanticism and peace. Pedestrian routes are marked with special symbols on the rocks and trees (footprint against a background of a blue rectangle). Thus, tourists have an opportunity to go for walks without worrying about getting lost. These paths cover almost the whole territory of AR, including 13 routes with the extension of no less than 135 km. More detailed information concerning the routes can be found at the site janapar.org, including maps of the paths and detailed information about lodging along the way. Equestrian crossings and tours on the most picturesque routes with picnics and night’s lodging can also be organized. The fact that these walks can be completed on the backs of world-famous Karabakhian horses renders them an especial charm.

View the general trail map of Nagorno Karabakh

Numerous caves and grottos are an inseparable part of the nature of Artsakh. Some of them, for example, Azokh cave, where the site of the ancient man is discovered, are of the great interest in scientifical world and are famous all over the world; others attract with their unexploring or especial incomparable beauty and will be very interesting for speleologists.

Any visit to Artsakh will leave unforgettable impressions upon extrimals, as well as those who desire to relax far from the urban life.