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The will to explore the world and to see more is an instinctual part of human nature. The desire to know the unknown, the desire to look beyond the horizon is human, and it is this dream that from time immemorial has drawn brave, daring individuals to the forefront of every crowd. If your desire for beauty hasn't died, and the prosaicness of modern life hasn't discouraged you to seek out new lands, to get acquainted with the original and exotic culture of ancient civilizations, you will not find a better place than Artsakh.

Artsakh is literally an open-air museum. Ancient architectural monuments are here by the thousands, and most have a history of more than 11 or 12 hundred years old. Among them are such pearls of medieval architecture as Gandzasar, Dadivank, Amaras and Gtchavank, ravished with their original beauty and the fine stone carving work. Viewers bow their heads respectfully before the skill and greatness of the solutions of the unknown architects who lived centuries ago.

You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the country and its numerous historical and architectural monuments, its literature, archaeology, the heroic paths of freedom-fighters, as well as with the modern image of the land.








During even a short period of time you will have an opportunity to explore both the rich historical-cultural heritage of the Artsakhian people, their habits, traditions, legends and famous cuisine. This is fine active rest, where there is everything: physical exercise, knowledge acquisition, change of impressions, and the joy of fellowship with nature. The professional guides will tell you in details not only about the history of each monument and legends connected with it, but will readily answer all your questions and assist you in case of necessity.  The mild healthy climate and the gorgeous nature of Artsakh, steep mountains, virgin forests and crystal pure mountain rivers strengthen the impressions made during your tour of this corner of paradise in Armenia.