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Aid in cases of emergency

Accident services in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) work 24 hours a day. All these services render free urgent aid at any time of a day, including also holidays and rest-days. There is no single accident service: each of them realizes first aid on calls of the citizens over their phone numbers.

Necessary phone numbers:

101 – Fire Service

102 – Police

103 – Acute Care

104 – Service of Natural Gas Industry

112 – Emergency Situations Administration

107 – Long-Distance Telephony Services

108 – Telephony Services

109 – Referral Service

Fire Service

In all inhabited locations of Artsakh free state fire service functions. Calls to fire service are realized free as well.


In case of necessity tourist can refer to city or village police departments dialing 102. Policemen will render assistance necessary to settle the situation. They are especially attentive when the situation concerns foreign tourists and are well-disposed towards them. Traffic officers will also render the necessary help.

In especially difficult situations you can be asked to write a statement and leave it in police department or police administration of the inhabited locality.

In any case tourists should take into consideration the requests of the legislation of the country of residence.

Acute care

Acute Care Service works 24 hours a day. They provide first aid both the citizens of NKR and tourists without depending on their citizenship.

For urgent summons of Acute Care Service one should dial 103 free phone line.

In most cities and inhabited locations of Artsakh one can make use of urgent medical service and first aid in state patient care institutions. Professional medical service is rendered at any time of day in hospitals of all city inhabited locations. The first medical inspection is realized free, while the definite procedures on ultrasound investigation and some other tests are chargeable.

One can get dental-medical service both in state and private specialized institutions.

But the more thorough treatment in these institutions requires payment. You should pay either in cash or refer to your health insurance company. Your tour agency you have made a contract with can also assist you with these questions.

On the territory of NKR there also functions the International Red Cross Service.

The list of necessary phone numbers of medical services (hospitals, medical centers, hospital wards):


 Stepanakert.  Phone: 103

Republican hospital

14, Arakelyan Str., Stepanakert. Phone: (+374 47) 94 34 24.

City polyclinic

9, Baghramyan Str., Stepanakert.  Phone: (+374 47) 94 32 27.

Regional hospital of Askeran city

7, Gagarin Str., Askeran.  Phone: (+374 47) 67 73 54.

Regional hospital of Hadrout city.

5, A. Mkrtchyan. Phone: (+374 47) 55 17 31.

Regional hospital of Martakert city.

Sakharov Str., Martakert. Phone: (+374 47) 42 11 26.

Regional hospital of Martouni city.

1, Khachatryan Str., Martouni. Phone: (+374 47) 82 24 54.

Regional hospital of Shoushi city.

40, Pashayan Str., Shoushi. Phone: (+374 47) 73 10 05.

Regional hospital of Karvachar city.

Phone: (+374 97) 23 36 35.

Regional hospital of Berdzor city.

106, Vehapari Str., Berdzor. Phone: (+374 47) 75 22 85.

Emergency Situations Administration

In all the regions of the country there function subdivisions of Emergency Situations Administration. The officers of this administration will come to the help in cases of the rise of health threat or security threat: if you got lost in forest, appeared to be closed indoors, in cases of natural cataclysms and so on. You can refer to the administration over free phone line 112, which you can dial from your mobile phone, even if it’s not served by Artsakhian providers.