5 Oct, 2018





ARTsakh Fest 2018 is the pilot edition of the annual contemporary art festival in Stepanakert taking place on 5-7 October, 2018, an event of creative interactivity encompassing all aspects of contemporary arts, such as contemporary dance, audio-visual installations, interactive public art, performances and much more. Alongside the public events there would be several open workshops including documentary photography, book illustration and contemporary dance. The multidisciplinary art event aims to showcase the glorious past of the theatre and to draw attention of the local and international community. In collaboration with local artists and the theatre troop, we aim to revitalise the old theatre building and bring life to it by making this space the heartbeat of creativity in Stepanakert. The theatre building presents opportunities as exhibition and performance areas, not only for Artsakh-based artists, but for visiting groups and individuals from all over Armenia and abroad. This historic building has all the potential to become a multi-artform venue that presents, produces and promotes local and international art, live performance and film alongside a dynamic social space. We would like to bring together different artforms under one roof, centred around an open, accessible space. The objective of the project is to become the heart of the community – a community of artists, audiences and local people by reviving the greatness of the drama theatre building.

Upcoming Events


28 Jul

Location: "Tigranakert" state historical and cultural reserve.

Vardavar to be marked in Tigranakert.

Artsakh Airfest 2019

24 Aug

Location: Stepanakert

On August of the 24th will be held Artsakh Air Fest.

Independence Day

2 Sep

Location: Stepanakert

Independence Day