Jengyalov Hats Festival In Artsakh



Haterk Village, Martakert region


11 May, 2019





On May 11 Jingyalov hats festival will be celebrated in Artsakh, Martakert section's village Haterk. During the festival of delicacy which is considered Artsakh's visiting-card will be introduced national kitchen in a very curious way with its tasty and rich menu. The festival will be accompanied with live music, dances, interesting games and competitions and surely with surprises. The guests will expect unforgettable and memorable moments, cheerful mood and positive emotions. Manufacturer organizations from Artsakh and Republic of Armenia can also participate to the festival ( cans, vegatable oils, clarified butters, wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits, souviners , etc.). On the day of festival there will be running/working transport from Yerevan and Stepanakert to Haterk with two-way direction. There will also be both interesting one- day toures and toures for passing the night ( places for the latter are strictly limited, so those who want they have to reserve as soon as possible ). Some part of the transport's cost will be refunded by the sponsors and due to it prices will be rather affordable. Transfers for all journalists and bloggers will be FREE. Those who want, apply in advance. For reference: +374 95 30 90 30; +374 97 34 15 05 Festival's organizers - Ecotourism in Artsakh enterprising group. Sponsors - Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Artsakh.

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