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First trip

Is it your first time in Artsakh (Karabakh) and you aren’t sure what to expect?

You’ll feel welcome in each and every town or city of Artsakh you’ll visit.

Wherever you have chosen to go, you will easily stay connected with family and friends back home through:

Mobile phones: If you wish to use roaming service during your visit to Artsakh, all you have to do is to connect to Karabakh Telecom network by referring to any service center of KT. Alternatively you may want to purchase a temporary visitor line from Artsakh provider.

Land-lines: in addition to their availability in all hotels, payphones are also available in some cities.

Internet: wireless internet is available in a large number of restaurants, hotels and coffee shops throughout the country. Some may provide the service for free while others may charge you for it. Hotels offer wired and wireless access in the comfort of your own room.

Be sure AR is the modern country where you can get almost everything you need during your stay including clothes, cosmetics and the articles of personal hygiene.

If you come in summer you will need light clothes such as shirts with short sleeves, light summer shoes, sandals. It wouldn't be bad to take with you bathing accessories, as well as sweater or light jumper as it's rather cool at night in the mountains. Sun cream, sun glasses are the necessaries of life at any time of the year.

You may also need comfortable shoes and clothes for hiking and picnics in the loan of nature. Hiking lovers will not manage without sleeping bags, tents and other tourist equipments though all this you can rent on site.

If you decided to visit Artsakh in spring or in autumn so you will need warm clothes. Though the climate here is rather mild and warm, however, many cold rainy days happen in low season.