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Flora and Fauna

Flora is very diverse in Artsakh. About 2 thousand kinds of plants grow here. Artsakh’s mountain ranges are covered by forests, bushes and grassy vegetation. Naked rocks are met only in high mountainous regions.

Plants of semi-desert type grow at the height of 300-350 m above the sea level and prevail in the steppe zone. Wormwood, camel prickle, caper-plant, fever-weed and other numerous kinds of plants are widespread here.

Especially, foothill and midland belts are rich with grassy vegetation.


Artsakh is also rich with forests. They make up more than 36 % of the territory of the Republic, or 160 thousand hectares. The oak, hornbeam, linden, ash-tree, birch and other kinds of trees grow here.

In the glades fragrant flowers such as violets, tulip, wild roses, lilies, pinks and water-lilies grow in small quantities. Also, plenty of blackberry bushes catch the eye.

Above the woods belt at the height of 2300 m above sea level are widespread alpine type plants, and in the high-mountainous levels tundra type plants are characteristic.


The fauna of the terrain is also very varied. It is possible to meet deer, wild goats and pigs in flat zones. Brown bears, wolves, wild cats, lynxes, foxes, hares, squirrels, moles and wild boars are found in the forests. Among birds are widespread the following groups: wild geese, ducks, partridges, magpies, ravens, sparrows, pigeons, black kites, cuckoos, turtle-doves, woodpeckers, larks, owls and other kinds are widespread. There are different kinds of snakes, turtles and hedgehogs in flat terrains and stony foothill belts. Different kinds of locusts, bugs and butterflies are also diverse. Multiple species of fish are found in the large rivers.