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Getting there

In spite of the fact that Artsakh (Karabakh) borders on three countries – the republic of Armenia, the republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the main route to Artsakhakh accessible for tourists is still Armenia. The border with Azerbaijan is closed because of the blockade of NKR on its part, while on the border with Iran the modern post controls and the post of Customs inspection aren't equipped yet. Thus, in order to get to Artsakh one must first of all come to Armenia, which is mainly realized by airway through the international airport of Zvartnots in Yerevan or through recently brought into operation the international airport of Gyumri, and through land frontier with Georgia and Iran.

Surface transport

The main automobile route connecting the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, with the capital of the Republic of Artsakh, Stepanakert, with the extension of 350 km passes along the regions of South Armenia, the cities Eghegnadzor, Vayk, Goris, and is rather picturesque. This highway is kept in excellent state and functions round year. The duration of the journey fluctuates from 4 to 6 hours depending on the transport.

For the journey to Artsakh one can make use of the public transport or taxi. Every day from 8:00 of the morning till 11:00 buses or minibuses depart from the central bus-station of Yerevan and arrive at Artsakh within 6 hours with the 30-minutes' break in the city of Vayk. The cost of the ticket is 5000 AMD (about $12 ). At the station one can also make use of the taxi service with the seats for 4 people.  Taxi departs when the necessary number of passengers is available. The cost of the journey is about 18$ per person. You can also take taxi particularly, it will cost about 90$. Taxi can also be taken immediately at the airport. The tour agencies of Yerevan can organize the journey to Artsakh and can give you not only the necessary transport but also the professional guides for sightseeing along the highway, as well as to reserve the hotel. Since the work of tour agencies in NKR is certificated, so it would be reasonable to know whether the tour agency has certification for the organizing of tours, given by the authorities of Artsakh, or treaty with one of the tour agencies.

Another route connecting Artsakh with Armenia passes along the basin of Lake Sevan, through the city of Zodk, crosses the Artsakhian range, Karvachar region and reaches Martakert along the picturesque river of Terter and further - Stepanakert.

The third way to Artsakh passes through the city of Kaphan and along the territories of lower Artsakh and reaches the city of Hadrout, and further – Stepanakert. This highway is for the lovers of extreme.