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Historical-millitary tourism

Contemporary tourism is famous for its numerous branches. Among the newest branches it is worth to note military-historical tourism, in other words – fort tourism, which is becoming more popular day by day. Military-historical tourism can generally be defined as a visit to a particular country, which had famous wars and military actions. The tourists get acquainted with the military potential of the country, and within some conditions they try their military abilities. This branch of tourism contains visits to historical places of great importance, ancient monuments and protective buildings as well as visits to some military units.

With its ancient fortresses, historical unapproachable protective buildings and with irrefutable proofs of the military past Artsakh is also offering military-historical tourism to the visitors, presenting them its military traditions of all the times and the immortal works of powerful Artsakhian strategists.  

There is a museum in the memory of freedom fighters in the capital of Artsakh – Stepanakert, where the tourists can see the weapons, maps and graphics which were used during the war between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. There are also photos of freedom fighters, documents punctured with bullets, letters – written  to the relatives during the war, cloths, that were used during the war, field phone, radiostation.

In some cases the most inquisitive tourists are let to visit the military units and to take part in the military everyday life.