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Traditional Country Houses (Bowers)

"Amaras" tourist bower
The tourist bower is situated in the village of Chartar (Martuni region), which is considered one of the richest and the biggest villages of Artsakh.  Four-room cottage with all the conveniences, the rooms are double, by request there can be organized excursions. Among the sights of interest especially significant is the moanstry of St Elisha (Egisheh) of 5th c. and the House of Culture built in the image of Yerevan Opera House. Here is situat
"Karasun kuys" tourist bower
The village of Badara (Askeran region) is situated in the picturesque canyon of the mountainous river of the same name and is famous for its centuries-long history and architectural monuments which are so many, that here the reserve was created. Among the most significant sights within the village is the monastery of Okhty Ekhtsi (seven churches) of 12-13 cc, Otskavank and Amenaprkich. Besides in the suburbs of the village there has remained many khachkars, ruins
"Tsakhkashat" tourist bower
The village of Tsakhkashat (Askeran region) is situated on 22 km’s of the main road Stepanakert-Gandzasar. The village stands out for its originality among the other villages of the republic.  Here in the mid of 19c Nikol Duman and Khanasori Vardan were born, persons that had a great role in the liberation movement of the Armenian people in the end of 19 and beginning of 20 cc. The houses-museums of N. Duman and Khanasori Vardan are created in the