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From time immemorial Artsakh has been famous for its chases. According to one of the versions, the historical name of Artsakh comes from the times of the legendary king Ara the Handsome, who liked hunting here (Artsakh – from Ara’s tsakh which means the forest of Ara). Indeed, even nowadays, when chases all over the world have decreased, Artsakh offers truly regal conditions for hunting. In virgin forests of the land, covering a majority of the republic's territory, deer, moufflons, bears, wild boars, wolves, fallow deers, hares, badgers and porcupines are found. Sometimes panthers, bobcats and jungle cats (chaus) are found.



In lower part of Artsakh one can hunt for waterfowl. For the hunt-lovers there are all the appropriate conditions: lodges, lost in the forests, and transport. The professional hunters will help to drive the animal into the trap, to cleanse the prey in a right way in order to keep the skin.

Hunt in the forests of Artsakh will be kept in mind for a long time not only by its abundance and variety of game-bird, but by its unique atmosphere and rich Artsakhian cuisine.  

The import of hunting weapon from the Republic of Armenia into NKR is free. In AR as everywhere there exist quotas on the shooting of animals and hunting season which are defined by the Nature Protection Board.

Due to these measures and considerable fines, game-bird in Artsakh is practically tame and the number of animals grows.

More detailed information about the time of opening of hunting season, about obtaining a license for hunting one can learn from tour-operators.