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Means of communication

Telephone network

    Practically whole Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is spanned with the net of modern communication services which function regularly without interruption.

   Telephone services in Artsakh are provided by the company “Karabakh Telecom” which has the most modern and convenient for users technologies and services available. The company provides outward calls as well. Postal telegraph offices are open in all the localities. Within a locality fixed calls are realized free, fixed calls to other localities within the country are realized by the minute pay.

    The cost of the minute of the call depends on the country where you want to call.

    For dialing outward calls it’s necessary first of all to dial 0, then the code of the necessary country, state (or city) code and the necessary phone number. International telephone code of NKR is +374 479. If you call to NKR from abroad, so after the international code you must dial five-unit phone number as well.

Mobile communication

   Mobile communication services are widely spread in Artsakh. Most people in Artsakh, including children, have at least one mobile phone. Mobile communication services in Artsakh market are provided by the company “Karabakh Telecom”. Cards of the Armenian mobile communication provider “VivaCell” function in Artsakh as well. One can buy pre-paid and post-paid cards of mobile communication from “Karabakh Telecom”, as well as pre-paid and post-paid cards from “Vivacell” in service-centers of “Karabakh Telecom”. The service-centers can be easily recognized by logotype – blue-red letters standing out against white background.

   All incoming calls are free. Outcoming calls within the network are realized according to the single rate, outcoming calls to the other network – depending on the country. The detailed information about the rates for mobile communication and services can be found on the site of the company www.karabakhtelecom.com.

Sending fax from the service-centers, as well as ordering long-distance phone call, is available at any time of day. The companies “Karabakh Telecom” and “VivaCell” realize roaming on the territory of NKR with the world’s leading providers of mobile communication services. One can find contacts of the service-centers of “Karabakh Telecom” here.


Contacts of “Karabakh Telecom”

Address: 14, N. Stepanyan Str., Stepanakert.

Phone: (+374 47)97 17 36

Internet connection

The internet service today is available in the whole territory of NKR. There are several internet providers, which offer high quality internet connection of different kinds. All the cafes, restaurants and hotels have free wi-fi access. Besides, there is free wi-fi connection also at public places as squares and parks. If you have some work to do, you can always visit the internet-cafes and clubs and use high-quality internet for a certain rate . Now already in the whole territory of the republic there is 3G connection, for which you just need to visit KT (Karabakh Telecom) service centers and activate it. 

Post office

   There are postal compartments almost in all cities of the country.

   The central postal compartment is situated in the capital of the Republic of Artsakh, Stepanakert, to the address: 30, Akop Akopyan Str.

   Postal compartments work from Monday to Friday from 9:00 till 17:00, with an hour’s break from 13:00 till 14:00. The central postal compartment works on Saturdays, too, from 9:00 till 13:00. On holidays post office is closed.

   Postal compartments provide different services connecting with mail sending and receiving. One can send letters or postcards from Artsakh, which will be delivered via airmail, as well as parcels in accordance with rates, counting the weight of the parcel, destination and the way of delivery. Any items of mail can be sent via registered post, too.

   Since 1992 Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) has been publishing its own stamps which circulate round the world and are highly appreciated among philatelists. One can get acquainted with the collection of Artsakhian stamps here. In postal compartments of the country there are stamps, decorative postcards and envelopes on sale.

   Postal administration renders a service which allows receiving mail addressed to the recipient. The sender must write on the posting (letter, wrapper or parcel) “Post Restante”, indicate the name of the locality where the posting will be received and the full name of the addressee, which can get the posting only showing his passport or identity card to the postal employee.

   Posting are kept during a month from the day of its arrival. On the expiry of 30 days they are sent back to the sender.

   Post sent to Artsakh and from Artsakh, reaches its addressee during 7-14 days depending on the country-sender and country-addressee.

Postal code:375000