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By the decision of the state the workweek consists of five days, from Monday till Friday. Saturday and Sunday are excluded days. These days all the state institutions, offices and most enterprises are closed. Shops, enterprises of consumer services and the market work the whole week, without days-off.

   Non-working holidays and memorial days in Artsakh are defined by the state.
In holidays and memorial days most shops and enterprises of consumer services work, but state institutions, offices, plant facilities.

   In holidays such as the 9th of May - Victory Day, NKR Army Day, Shoushi Liberation Day and the 2nd of September – NKR Independence Day- numerous festivals are held in Stepanakert and regional centers.
   In the list below the holidays are indicated with red, the memorial days with black print.

December 31 and January 1-2– New Year's
January 6 – Christmas Day
February 20 – Artsakh Revival Day

February 21 - Mother Tongue Day

February 23 - Fatherland Defender Day
March 8– International Woman Day
April 7– Maternity and Beauty Day
April 24 – Armenian Genocide Memorial DayДеньпамятижертвгеноцидаармян

May 1 - International Day of Workers' Solidarity
May 9– Victory Day, NKR Army Day, Shoushi Liberation Day

May 28 - First Armenian Republic Day

June 1 - International Day of Children's Defence

June 29 - Memory Day of the fallens for Motherland's Defence and Missing Persons
September 2– Artsakh Independence Day

October Second Saturday - Holy Translators' Day
December 7– Earthquake Victims Memorial Day
December 10 – Constitution Day. Internatoinal Day of Human Rights' Defence. The Day of Referendum of NKR State Independence.