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Artsakh Wine Fest will be held on 16th of September
18:30 September 02, 2017
The 4th Artsakh Wine Festival will be held in Togh village, in the territory of Melik's Palace on September 16, 2017 which will host dozens of winemakers from Artsakh and Armenia.
Artsakh offers incomparable hiking experience in its popular trail
14:48 June 08, 2017
Artsakh offers incomparable hiking experience in its popular trail
Tree planting in Tigranakert
11:50 October 17, 2016
A tree-planting event took place today in the Artsakh Historical and Cultural Reserve by a group of young people from a variety of different nations.
Artsakh tourism and wine were presented at Areni Wine festival
10:28 October 06, 2016
The sveneth Areni Wine Festival took place in the southern province of Vayots Dzor, in Areni village.
Tourists flow increased during Christmas holidays in Artsakh
08:49 January 23, 2016
A monitoring of ten hotels, acting in Artsakh was impelemented for identifying the total amount of tourists, who spent their Christmas holidays in NKR...
Tourism is growing rapidly in Karabakh
17:30 December 24, 2015
On December 24th the Deputy Minister of Economy of Artsakh Republic-Sergey Shahverdyan held a press-conference, during which the activities in the spheres of tourism and historical environment protection were presented.
Number of tourists grows by 12 percent in Artsakh
15:00 December 17, 2015
RMK deputy minister of Economy Sergey Shahverdyan in interview with "Armenpress" journalist noted that tourism year in Artsakh can be considered as successful as 16 thousand tourists visited Artsakh in 2015.
Event Tourism in Artsakh
17:46 November 27, 2015
Artsakh has a rich culture which is reflected not only in historical monuments but also in cultural events such as festivals, concerts, national dance performances .
German “die Welt” about Artsakh
11:26 November 24, 2015
The leading German daily newspaper “die Welt” published an article with headline “A journey to the country which does not exist officially”.
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