Spring in Artsakh


Spring is a time of the awakening of nature, the birth of love, and the most proper period for the restoration of physical and mental strength. There are many places in the world where you can retire in the lap of nature and find harmony. One of such magical places is Artsakh, bright and colorful. The unbelievable beauty of the virgin nature and the inspiring mountain landscapes - this is not all that spring Artsakh can surprise you with.


Spring is by far the best season for exploring Artsakh. The mild climate and warm weather create favorable conditions for both lovers of active and passive recreation. These months are not cold at all, but there is still no scorching heat, so at this time of the year, hiking and visiting the ancient temples of Artsakh will be a real pleasure. In spring, the mountain meadows of Artsakh are covered with picturesque floral carpets. Toward the end of May, the first fruits and berries appear. Furthermore, this is also one of the reasons why it is worth visiting Artsakh during this period.


In your spring journey plan in Artsakh, you can include visits to archaeological, religious, and historical sites, agritourism; active recreation; visit to the thermal springs; gastronomic delights, and participation in national holidays and festivals.

In the spring, the season of active vacation begins, for both beginners and experienced travelers. If you are an adrenaline seeker and plan a trip in the spring, then choose Artsakh because here you will find: climbing, mountaineering; rafting; fishing; hiking and horseback riding; bike trips and tours on SUVs. You can learn more about all this here.


Besides, on chilly days, you should visit one of the most beautiful places in Artsakh - the Taq Jur thermal spring (Armenian hot water). The source is a natural hot tub, hidden from staring eyes, in the gorge of the Tutkhun river among forests and sheer cliffs. Many are convinced that the source water has miraculous traits. Therefore, your spring plans for relaxation and recovery are guaranteed to be fulfilled.

In addition to all of the above, numerous holidays are held in Artsakh in the spring, which will give you an excellent opportunity to get familiarized with the national culture and residents. For instance, the period from March 8 to April 7 in Artsakh is called the month of praising women. This time of year is the celebration of Easter, as well as the triple holiday of May 9 (Victory Day in World War II, the Day of the liberation of Shushi and the founding of the NKR Defense Army). However, spring celebrations are not limited to these events. At this time of year, the annual “Jengyalov Hac” festival takes place in Artsakh, which is worth a visit to taste the most delicious dishes of national cuisine and get familiarized with the local culture. “Jengyalov Hac” is an extremely nutritious and mouth-watering dish, which is a flatbread stuffed with 20 kinds of various herbs. “Jengyalov Hac” can be definitely called a visiting card of Artsakh cuisine.


Visit Artsakh this spring to find harmony, feel unity with nature, and be inspired for new achievements!


Photo credits: Armenian Geographic, Bagrat Mikaelyan, Areg Balayan, Lilit Kostandyan.