Spring in Artsakh


The mild sunny weather at the beginning of March informs about the arrival of spring and it attracts many people to visit Artsakh at this time of year. The colors around appear after a gray winter and thicken, everything begins to bloom and smell. The smell of fresh grass and flowers spreads throughout the country, reporting the arrival of spring. Fruit trees begin to bloom, acquiring different shades of pink and white, the meadows are covered with heterogeneous carpets, and the snow in mountains is melting and slowly filling the rivers and lakes.
Spring in Artsakh opens the season of picnics and agriculture. At this time of the year, many juicy herbs appear for human consumption, including the main ingredients of the famous Artsakh dish, Zhengyalov hats. They grow precisely at this time and therefore in the spring Zhingyalov hats is especially tasty. In the mountainous Artsakh it is impossible to miss the herbal teas. No one outdoor recreation could be spent without tea from a samovar with fresh mint and mountain thyme collected on the alpine slopes of our mountains, generously dotted with these treasures.
Spring is the time for outdoor activities. At that time, hiking, cycling and horse riding are widely developed in Artsakh. For lovers of extreme sports, clear weather allows you to fly on a plane or paraglider, receiving a powerful charge of pleasure and positive emotions.
Artsakh spring is a pleasure after a sad, passive but yet cozy winter waiting. When you wake up after the winter and want to understand and feel life - visit Artsakh in the spring.