Summer in Artsakh


You will remember the recreation spent in Artsakh in the summer for many years, and these memories will be as unforgettable as in the summer season. 

Summer in Artsakh is a hot sun, heavy thunderstorms, warm rains, fresh air, flowers of incredible shades, ripe fruits and vegetables, and many other memorable experiences.

A summer vacation in Artsakh has a vital advantage, since, in addition to exploring the ancient culture and history of this region, visiting sights, as well as active outdoor activities (including fishing, rafting, hiking and much more), this time of the year offers excellent opportunities for agrotourism. It is in the summer that most fruits and berries are harvested. Moreover, agritourism is a great chance not only to stock up on vitamins but also to take a direct part in the process of harvesting and preparing seasonal dishes. In rural guest houses, you can get familiarized with the culture and life of Artsakh in full.

Besides, some houses offer numerous workshops. The hospitable hosts organize tours of the area and excursions to ancient temples situated in the vicinity. For instance, you can stay in a guest house in the village of Patara in the Askeran region and visit the Kachaghakaberd fortress, or in the town of Chartar in the Martuni region, on the territory of which there is an ancient Amaras monastery, and also the most massive plane tree in the world (a genus of trees, lat. Plátanus), which age is more than 2000 years (in the village of Skthorashen). In the town of Togh, it is worth to see the Palace of Meliks , visit the Mets Tagher, and also go on a hike to Mount Dizapait.

Overall, concerning visiting the ancient historical and cultural monuments of Artsakh, summer is the best time of the year for this purpose. Many of the statues are located in mountainous and inaccessible areas, so during the colder months of the year, some of them cannot be reached without escort or specialized training. Despite the favorable conditions for hiking in the summer, it is quite challenging to manage all the sights of Artsakh. Nevertheless, some of them are categorically not to be missed. Such, for instance, include the magnificent Dadivank monastery complex (Karvachar district) and the active Gandzasar monastery (Martakert district). As for natural masterpieces, it is about the waterfall "Umbrellas" in the Hunot canyon (Shushi) and the ancient city of Tigranakert (Askeras district). 

Also, in the summer, you will have an excellent opportunity to see the main attractions of Artsakh with comfort and economy. Each summer, as a part of an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism, bus tours “Tourist bus” operate daily in Artsakh, which include four popular routes: 1. Stepanakert - Nikola Duman House-Museum - Gandzasar - Stepanakert (price 250 drams); 2. Stepanakert - “Tnjri” tree - Togh village, Melikov Palace - Waterpark-Stepanakert (price 250 AMD); 3. Stepanakert - “Hunot Canyon” - Stepanakert (price 100 AMD); 4. Stepanakert - Mayraberd Fortress - Tigranakert - Stepanakert (price 200 AMD). Tours are distinguished by the comfort of buses and attractive prices. (The program temporarily stopped due to COVID-19).

For lovers of urban recreation, the summer Artsakh will also give an unforgettable experience. It is in the summer in Artsakh that the most memorable event of the year is held - Artsakh Airfest. On this day, Stepanakert airport becomes one of the most fascinating and crowded places in Artsakh thanks to a grand air show with airplanes, helicopters, balloons, and paratroopers. Moreover, the participants of the festival themselves can fly in balloons and two-seater airplanes. In the evening, after the show, an outdoor party is held. Another exciting event taking place on one of the hottest days of summer in Artsakh is the Vardavar holiday, which has been preserved since pagan times. The main tradition of the holiday is the massive pouring of water on everyone and everywhere. The official celebration of Vardavar takes place in the historical and cultural reserve of Tigranakert.  (The program temporarily stopped due to COVID-19).

Summer Stepanakert offers enjoyable walks around the city, visits to local cafes and restaurants. Do not miss the chance to visit the Stepanakert market to try a rich selection of ripe fruits, berries, and vegetables, as well as to observe how the locals shop.

Two climatic zones prevail in Artsakh, and therefore in some parts of the republic, the weather is hot and in others cold. The hottest areas are the lowlands of the Martuni and Martakert districts, where the least rainfall occurs, unlike the highlands.

Well, take only the most necessary, comfortable shoes and clothes, sunglasses and this summer go to Artsakh. Here you will find absolutely warm emotions and vivid impressions!


Photo: Gogo Johane, Pri & Vik, Armenuhi Harutyunyan, Apo Avedissian, Vardan Petrosyan, Azat Adamyan