6 Best Adventure Travel Destinations in Artsakh in winter


Snow-capped peaks of the mountains, tea from a samovar, hot Zhengyalov Hats and endless high hills covered with pine trees - this is what Artsakh looks like during the winter months. Here, we make suggestions for the top five “winter” attractions of our country.  



It’s impossible to not see Kirs when visiting Artsakh in the winter. Its snow-capped peak is visible from almost all corners of Artsakh’s capital - Stepanakert. Kirs is one of the main peaks of the Artsakh Range with a height of 2724m. There has been snowfall at Kirs since October and it will continue until the end of April. Fans of extreme tourism come to Artsakh from all over the world to touch the top of Kirs especially during the winter. 


The Mrav Range is the northern wall of Artsakh. This picturesque mountain range is worthy to bear the title of the Caucasian Alps. In summer, Mrav is invisible; however, it appears dressed in snow proving to the world that the small area of Artsakh is a real natural treasury in winter.

Hunot Canyon


Hunot Canyon is beautiful during any time of the year. The famous “Mossy Stone” waterfall embodies the shape of an umbrella and forms into an ice cave when icicles freeze at its opening. You will forever fall in love with this site and leave a piece of your heart under that mystical “Umbrella” with only one visit.  

Tak Jur


The thermal spring, "Tak Jur" is perfect for those who need a mental break and relaxation. It is located in the Shahumyan region on the bank of the Tartar River. Hundreds of tourists come here every year to immerse themselves in its healing waters, which “burn, revive and reborn,” according to happy visitors. You can make your trip to Tak Jur even more adventurous by taking an off-roading tour to get there. These hot springs are especially worth to visit during the cold winter. 



You will see unforgettable views in Dizapayt during the winter. If you reach the peak of the mountain, you will be standing above a sea of clouds and can explore a monastery with the highest altitude in all of Artsakh. Kataro Monastery is a piece of history located on the peak of Dizapayt Mountain worth visiting.



Shushi is a wonderful place to stay during the winter months. Although it is located only 30 minutes away from Stepanakert, it has a completely different climate. The weather is very pleasant and snows most days during the winter months. If you would like to have a genuine winter experience, Shushi is the best place for you to book your stay!
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