The official language of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is the Armenian literary language. The whole office work, correspondence, legal procedure, etc. are carried on in terms of this language.

In everyday life the population speaks Artsakhian dialect of the Armenian language, which considerably differs from the literary language. Many old Armenian words, roots of Arabian, Persian origin, as well as Russian words are used in it. The vast majority of the population fluently speaks Russian, so the Russian speaking tourists during their visit to RMK will not experience any discomfort connected with the language barrier.

The workers of tour agencies and tourist hotels speak foreign languages (English, French, German, etc.).

English, French and German speaking tourists can take services of guide-interpreters which can be easily found with the help of tour agencies.

Signs and advertising posters in public places are mainly trilingual – Armenian, Russian and English.

Road signs almost everywhere are bilingual – Armenian and English.