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In Artsakh as well as in any other country with richly developed culture numerous festivals and holidays are held every year.

The triple holiday of 9th of May is widely celebrated in Artsakh: The Victory Day in World War II (Armenians of Artsakh took an immediate part in World War II), Shoushi Liberation Day and the day of creation of NKR Ministry of Defence. On this day on the military parade passes through Renaissance Square and a number of cultural and sporting events are organized as well.

Independence Day on September 2 is one of the most eye-catching holidays. Festive events on this occasion are held across the whole republic. Annually on the 2nd of September a big concert is held in Renaissance Square with participation of local and international artists from Armenia and other countries. The festive day ends in fireworks. In the village of Vank in Martakert region, an especially interesting Independence Day celebration takes place. There, along with concerts and fireworks, donkey races are organized. The winners of the races are awarded a monetary bonus on behalf of the competition's organizer - the famous patron Levon Hayrapetyan. 

Besides the mentioned events the annual Armenian festival competition of the song "Gift" brings the participation of young performers from Artsakh, Armenia and other countries. The Armenian cultural marathon "One nation - one culture", whose participant's come from more countries every year, is of great interest for tourists. 

Of the religious holidays Christmas and Tyryndez (St. Valentine's Day) are celebrated as important holidays. On these days festivals and various cultural-religious events are organized.