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The vivid image of Artsakh is portrayed with many strokes, one of which is love of rest in the open air. This love is furthered to a great extent by the mild local climate and gorgeous nature, which draws you out of town and into nature! And it’s not surprising that Artsakh is famous for its recreation zones – each region is rich in the finest types of virgin nature, situated at the purely clear springs and reservoirs, where the locals like to have a rest. Suffice it to ask and you will be shown some recreation zones or just appropriate places. In spite of the fact that most of them have free access, they are equipped with everything required for the pleasant rest (spring, pergolas or tables with benches, braziers and tripods). The lovers of good comfort can pay attention to the private recreation zones where for the moderate payment among the above mentioned you will be given shampurs, firewood, dishes and samovar. Many private recreation zones have water pools, playing grounds, billiard parlours or tennis boards. Anyway the rest in the open air will remain in your memory for your whole lifetime as one of the brightest impressions of Artsakh.