Martakert region is situated in the north of the AR and occupies the territory north of Khachen and Kolatak river basins. In the north the border of the region reaches Shahoumyan region now occupied by Azerbaijan, in the west Martakert region adjoins with Karvatchar region of AR, in the south Martakert region borders upon Askeran and Kashatagh regions, in the east - Azerbaijan.

The total territory of the region is 1795, the population is 19 000 people. Since 1992 the lower part of Martakert region has been occupied by Azerbaijan, which is the reason why this part of the region is impossible for visit by tourists. 


North from the regional center of Martakert, on the river Tartar there are Sarsang water reservoir and Hydroelectric Power Station. Near the reservoir at the village of Drmbon the Copper-gold mine functions. Metal mining by means of the most modern methods is realized by “Base metals”, one of the biggest enterprises in RMK. The mining centre does not only the exploit of the mine, but also construction-restoration works in the region.

Martakert region was of special importance in the history of Artsakh. It has a great number of historical-architectural monuments, including the monasteries of Gandzasar (13c), Yerek Mankunk, Eghishe Arakyal, Akobavank, the Palace of meliks – princes of Beglaryans, fortresses of Jraberd, Kachaghakaberd, Khokhanaberd.