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Most of the restaurants, cafés, bars and bistros in the country work from 12 p.m. till 2 a.m during the tourist season. The most attended of them work round the clock in the summer months. As everywhere, choоsing the place to refresh yourself, you should follow the common sense and call at such bars, where it's pleasant, where it's clean and where there are a lot of visitors.  Most of the restaurants offer traditional cuisine which includes barbecue, baked vegetables, game and so on. There are also restaurants of European and Asian cuisine.In most of the houses of public catering tourists can get menu not only in Armenian, but in Russian and English as well. As a rule, waiters are ready to assist in choosing dishes and drinks. In many restaurants live music is played in the evenings.
The rule in restaurants, cafés and bars is to leave tip in the range of 10% from the amount of the bill. Sometimes tip is included in the bill.
If you took up your residence in a hotel, where breakfast is included in the cost of your stay, be ready for a smorgasbord or continental breakfast. In any case you the variety will leave you satisfied well for half the day. Most of the hotels offer fresh vegetables, salads, a great variety of cheeses, eggs (made in different ways), fruits, yoghurts, pies, desserts and many other things. In most hotels breakfast is served until 10 o'clock in the morning. 

Teas of different kind, as well as herbal of which tea with thyme is the most popular, are in general usage in Artsakh. In most houses of public catering you will be served tea right in the brewing teapot. However, if you prefer tea bags, it will be served in any place.

Coffee habits have developed appreciably during the last years. In Artsakh you can find a great deal of coffee types. In many cafés you will be offered all the famous kinds of this drink – from Nescafe till Cappuccino. The most widely spread of them is the strong drink of fried coffee crops, the so-called Armenian coffee.

In Artsakh you can also find all the kinds of soft drinks like coca-cola, as well as the variety of fruit drinks sold in bottles. Natural fruit juices of Armenian and Europenian production are also widely spread.
You can drink water from the tap but different kinds of bottled drinking water like Noy and mineral water of local and Armenian production like Jermuk, Dilijan, Karvachar and others are sold everywhere as well. In big supermarkets one can find most of the famous alcoholic drinks such as wine, vodka, whisky, brandy, beer, and spirits of local production such as wine, fruit and berry vodka. Besides in restaurants and bars you will be offered wine and vodka, made in house wineries which differ by special taste qualities.

In Artsakh, in spite of the fact that most people prefer to have meals at home with the circle of family, the system of public catering is well developed. It is particularly conditioned by the love of Artsakhians to have a seat with friends somewhere, have a glass of wine or to call at some restaurant or café with family.
As in Artsakh the food is always cooked very well and restaurant prices are quite moderate, the visitors are many. This favours the development of the restaurant business. Practically every major inhabited locality has its own restaurant or café. In Stepanakert guests can find houses of public catering of different types and prices - from luxury restaurants to youth cafés and barbecue houses. There you will be served different meat dishes, made on open fire, which you can eat right at the bar. There are quite a few barbecue houses in the capital on admiral Isakov Street. In restaurants, as a rule, dishes of not only Armenian but also of European and Russian cuisine are served. All those who wish can try jengyalov hats (pie with greens), which is one of the symbols of the region as it is baked only in Artsakh. It is also highly recommended to try local mulberry vodka, which is also produced only in Artsakh. 
Many cafés are located on main streets of Stepanakert – Azatamartikneri, V. Sargsyan, Baghramyan.