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You did well if you had foreseen in your trip to Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) time for shopping. You will find everything on the counters of contemporary shops in Stepanakert and regional centers. A great variety of the up-to date electronics, clothes, household goods, the novelties of the common technics, computer equipment, and mobile communication appear on the counters at quite an acceptable price. The variety of ceramics of folk style and goods of cottage industry is also great.  In the specialized shops you can find the magnificent jewelry made in the traditional Armenian technique.

   In supermarkets of the capital one can buy foodstuff both of local and European production.

   The shops are mainly situated in the central part of the city, in Azatamartikneri Street and streets adjacent to it. Here are also situated boutiques, where one can buy clothes from fashion providers.

   During the summer months most of the big shops work from 10:00 till 21:00, without day-offs. Small grocery stores and counters work till late evening, in the central streets of Stepanakert – twenty-four hours a day.


   Shops of souvenir goods, situated in the centre of Stepanakert, offer goods of cottage industry – wooden, silver, ceramic, handmade jewelry, knick-knackerries with the symbols of the Artsakh.  The most popular subject for souvenirs and odd jobs is the copy of the monument “We and Our Mountains”, the monumental sculpture of grandfather and grandmother, the old Karabakhians in traditional clothes. For Artsakhians this monument is more than just a sculpture, this is the whole essence of the Artsakhian who respects his traditions and aspires to keep them and to tell everybody about them.

   The traditional souvenir fruit of pomegranate, the symbol of family prosperity and abundance, made of the most various materials, is rather popular. Handmade talismans of the natural stone, wood are as popular among the locals as among many other peoples and nations.

   There is a picturesque counter-boutique on the territory of the Museum of National Architecture, Ethnography and Rural life (Nikol Duman house-museum) in the village of Tsaghkashat in Askeran region. Here one can buy not only traditional souvenirs but also exclusive works of applied art, and traditional condiments and herbaceous collections from the purest alpine meadows of highlands, spiceries and marinades as well.

Bazar (Market)

   The picturesque bazar, naturally, is situated in the center of the city, in Sasuntsi David Street. Part of the bazaar, differing by the variety of juicy local fruits, vegetables, greens, pleases eyes with its rich colours, draws to pass along and bargain.There are many dried fruits here as well, made in traditional Armenian way. By the way dried cornel is made only in Artsakh.

   The other part of the bazar is more prosaic and represents from itself clothes market. Here one can buy goods at lower price than in boutiques and fashion shops. Тhe market is open from the early morning till evening sunset.