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Tourism Board

The State body of governing tourism and historical environment protection

The governing of tourism in the Republic of Artsakh at state level is the function of the Department of Tourism of Ministry of economy of AR. Department of Tourism develops programs of the resolutions of Artsakh government and takes part in the development of other standard acts in the sphere of tourism, realizes certification and licensing of guides, as well as the licensing and classification of objects of hotel sector. The department deals also with the research, protection and restoration of historical-architectural monuments on the territory of the republic, governs reserves and territories under protection. One of the main functions of the department is the creation of the favorable image of the Republic of Artsakh through the internet site, publishing of brochures, booklets, maps and guide-books. The board also organizes the participation of Artsakh in international tourist exhibitions, advertises tourist recreation resources of the republic and so on.


Sergey Shahverdyan

Minister of Culture,youth affairs and tourism of AR

E-mail: info@tourismdept.nkr.am











The department of tourism infrastructures, projects and control


 Sergey Sargsyan

 The head of the department of tourism infrastructures,  projects and control

E-mail: tur.sergey@tourismdept.nkr.am