Flights above Artsakh

Above the mountains, can only be flying over them

Flying over Artsakh is a way to see the hidden treasure of Armenia from a bird's-eye view. In honor of the flights over Artsakh, every year the air festival "Artsakh Air Fest" is held here, where many people from different parts of the world gather to take advantage of the chance to see Artsakh through the eyes of birds. The festival is very popular, in particular, for fans of extreme tourism. Here you can fly on two-seat airplanes, a paraglider and a sky ball. At an altitude of 400 meters and above, you will discover incredible landscapes hiding behind high-mountain meadows, you will be fortunate enough to smell the mountains wrapped in fog and to catch the rays of the sun that leaves the horizon.
Flights on two-seat airplanes are carried out in direction to Shoushi, Gandzasar, Tigranakert. The flight duration is 20 minutes, the price is 20.000 AMD.