The region of Askeran occupies the central part of the Republic of Artsakh (Mountainous Karabakh). It borders in the north and northwest with Martakert region, and in the west with Kashatagh region. The southern border reaches Hadrout and Martouni regions, and the southeast border also touches Martouni region. The northwest of Askeran reaches the border with Azerbaijan. This region occupies an area of 1222 sq. km., and the population here is 17 400 people. In Askeran there are 45 settlements, one of which is the city of Askeran, located about fourteen kilometers from the RA capital of Stepanakert. The territory of the region has varied reliefs: it is mountainous in the southwest but flat in the northwest. The rivers Karkar, Badara and Qolatak flow through the region. As historical sources specify, in the past part of the area of Askeran (right-bank of the river Karkar) was included in Varanda province, and the other part (left-bank) was in Khachen province. Here numerous historic architectural monuments remain, among which a special interest represent Askeran fortress (XVIII century), monuments of the village Avetaranots, a former residence of Shakhnazaryan meliks-princes of Varanda, Bovurkhavank, monastery of Saint Gevorg or Ptkes-Berk, church Pirumashen in the Sarushen village, the house-museum of the well-known figure of the Armenian national-liberation movement of the end of XIX and  beginning of XX centuries Nikol Duman in Tsakhkashat village, monuments of a valley of the river Badara, a curative spring near the Aygestan village. In Askeran region there is a historical and cultural reserve "Tigranakert". Near the village of Ivanyan  burial places are located.