Hadrout region occupies the south-eastern part of the Republic of Artsakh. It borders with Martouni, Askeran and Shoushi regions in the north and with Kashatagh region in the west. The southern boundary passes through the river of Arax which from time immemorial is called "Mother of the Armenian rivers". The state boundary of RA with the Islamic Republic of Iran also passes through the Arax. The eastern boundary of Hadrout region is therewith the state boundary with Azerbaijan. The total area of Hadrout region is a little over 1800 sq.km. It has the population of 12000 people. The southern and south-eastern parts of the region are comparatively flat. The mountain masses, covered with dark forests and alpine meadows are situated in the north and north-west. One of the highest peaks of Artsakh, the mountain of Dizapayt, is situauted here as well. The river of Ishkhanaget, falling into the Arax, flows along the territory of the region. The regional center, Hadrout city, is situated 75 km away from the capital of RA, Stepanakert. At the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th cc. Hadrout was the second important locality after Shoushi.

Hadrout region, known in the history of Armenia under the name Dizak as well, is fairly considered the open-air museum. The region is famous for a number of monastic complexes and churches, old settlements and fortresses. The famous Armenian actor V. Papazyan during his visit to Hadrout said phrase that became a popular quotation in Karabakh: “If Karabakh is a golden ring, Hadrout is a brilliant on this ring”. The most famous places of interest in Hadrout are: Gtchavank (13c.), Azokh cave, the Palace of Dizak meliks – princes of Yeganyans (18-19cc.), the monastery of Okhty Drni, Sourb Haroutyoun church (St. Resurrection) in Hadrout (17c.), the cloister of Takhaser (17c.), Ijevanatun (caravansary) near the locality of Kargabazar on highway of Hadrout-Martouni, the house-museum of air marshal, the hero of the Soviet Union, A. Khanpheryants (Khudyakov) in his native village Mets Tagher. Through Hadrout region there passes the road to the valley of the river of Arax.