Karvatchar region occupies the north-western part of RA. In the north of the region there passes the state boundary with Azerbaijan, in the west – with Armenia. In the south the region borders with Kashatagh region, the eastern border reaches Martakert region. The area of Karvatchar region is 1830 sq.km.. The regional center Karvatchar city situated 128 km away from the capital of RA, Stepanakert. The river of Tartar, which is the biggest waterway of Artsakh, flows along the territory of the region. The relief of Karvatchar region is mountainous and keenly indented. In different periods of the history these region was known under the name Vaykounik (till 12-13cc), Verin Khachen (13-18cc), Kolan (18-19cc). There have still remained numerous architectural monuments witnessing about the role this place had in the history of Armenia. Among the most famous monuments is Dadivank monastery, the fortress of Handaberd, the village of Tsar.Along with historical-architectural monuments the region is known as well for its natural resources – thick, virgin forests, rapid mountainous rivers, not big but very picturesque waterfalls and thermal mineral springs. All this gives both the lovers of antiquity and the lovers of extreme tourism, pedestrian and equestrian walks, tours along mountainous rivers, rock climbing and mountaineering a perfect opportunity to have a rest in Karvatchar region.