Martouni region occupies the south-eastern part of RA. It borders with Askeran region  in the north-west and in the west and in the south with Hadrout region. Martouni state boundary with Azerbaijan passes in the east and north-east. The eastern part of the region is occupied at present time by Azerbaijan. Comparing with other regions Martouni has more flat landscape, the river of Varanda with tributary of Amaras flows along its territory. The territory of the region is 951, the population is 23 200 people. The regional center is Martouni city situated 45 km away from the capital of RA, Stepanakert. In the old times the historical province of Myus Aband, and later part of the province of Varanda, was situated here. The numerous monuments of antiquity has remained here, among which the monastery of Amaras (4-17cc), Bri Eghtsi,  the fortress Kusaberd-Akhchkaberd,  the monument to the fallen soldiers in Berdashen are of great interest. The huge tree – the oldest plane tree in the village of Skhtorashen, the age of which according to some researchers is more than 2000 years, as well refers to the interesting sights of the region.