Turning off the highway at 12 km to the northeast, it is worth visiting the monastery of Amaras- a man-made miracle. The famous cultural and religious centre of medieval Armenia - Amaras Monastery – is located in the province Mews Aband of historical Artsakh. According to an Armenian historian of VI-V century Pavstos Buzand, the church of Amaras monastery was founded by Gregory the Illuminator at the beginning of the IV-th century. Amaras became famous in the middle of the IV century, when there was buried a grandson of Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop Grigoris, who built all the local churches, up to  Atropatena (now the Iranian province of Azerbaijan).

Grigoris died in 338 and was buried in the eastern part of the church founded.

At the beginning of V century, the creator of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots opened in Amaras the first school of Artsakh, which contributed to the irradiation of Christianity in Artsakh-Utic. At the end of the century, in 489, King Vachagan III Aranshakhik (the Pious) finds already forgotten grave of Grigoris, build in its place a chapel and restores the church built by Gregory the Illuminator. It was this mausoleum almost unchanged preserved to this day under the altar of the church of Amaras complex. Later, after numerous renovations, right on the chapel-mausoleum was built church. And in our time, the mausoleum of Bishop Grigoris is a sacred place for thousands of pilgrims. In 2014, excavations were carried out of the mausoleum which cast light on many interesting facts about the chapel-mausoleum. As a result of the excavations east entrance to the chapel was discovered.