Dadivank monastery is located on the left bank of the river Tartar, at a distance of 95 kilometers north of Stepanakert. This beautiful piece of architecture, surprisingly harmoniously interact with the environment. The church, with its numerous buildings is located at the foot of the wooded mountains on the south side. Dadivank was founded in the first century on the site of the grave of St. Dadi - a preacher of Christianity, who fell a cruel death.

The jewel of the complex is the Church of Arzu Khatun (XIII century). Murals, some of which were created by the queen Khachen, are preserved on the walls of the church. The complex also includes a dining room, recreation rooms of the archpriest, manuscript room, where wonderful miniatures were created for manuscripts, monastic cells. Initially, the bell tower of the complex was a separate structure. Two carved khachkars, dated of 1283, were placed in the belfry. Khachkars now considered the most famous monuments of the complex.

The architectural complex Dadivank stands in a line of such architectural masterpieces as the Gandzasar, Amaras, Gtchavank. It can be considered a unique interior that has absorbed and preserved the best traditions of centuries-old Armenian architectonics. Now, after the restoration and reconstruction, the monastery complex Dadivank revived and is opened for tourists.