Gandzasar Monastery stands proudly on a hill on the left bank of the river Khachen. Over the centuries it embodies the Christian traditions and national wisdom for the people of Artsakh. Once they do call Gandzasar Monastery "the greatest miracle of Armenian architecture", "church with a celestial dome", "perfect creation", but human language is unable to describe this truly amazing masterpiece.

Construction of the monastery was started in 1216 and completed in 1238. On the day of the great feast Vardavar (Sunday, July 22), in the presence of a large number of people, including about 700 representatives of the church, the ceremony of consecration of the church was held.

Famous Byzantinologist of the beginning of the last century, a professor at the Sorbonne of Paris Charles Diehl said Gandzasar the third of five Armenian monuments, included in the world's treasury of cultural and architectural monuments.

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Church of St. John the Baptist (Hovhannes Mkrtich) is known throughout the Christian world because of the head of John the Baptist, buried under the altar of it.

Comfortable resort area is located in the village of Vank, in the valley of the river Khachen. The hotel, built in the shape of a ship (the locals call it "Titanic"), located nearby. A few kilometers away in a picturesque valley you can find another hotel "Sea Stone" ("Tsovin car"). The village is suitable for vacations in the lap of pure nature. There are hotels and also comfortable resort areas, located along the river Khachen.