From the south-western slope of the mountain Gevorgasar located near the village, a beautiful landscape is viewed. Far away, in front of the Church of St. Hakob, on top of the ridge, covered with thick forests, is Kachaghakaberd. Historical sources mention the ancient fortress called Khachen fortress. According to historical records, in the 9th century, Spram, one of the queens of this land, lost her husband. She "was courageous like a man" and, together with her daughter, rescued, overcoming difficult night path, took refuge in the fortress of Khachen. From the height of Kachaghakaberd, to the north, one can enjoy a magnificent view - the mountains piks in a blue haze, silver glare of the river Tartar. Road to Kachaghakaberd is impassable for cars, but you can reach it walking or riding quite interesting and picturesque way.

A mineral source, which the locals also call "sour water", is springing near the village. "Sour Water" is known for its refreshing properties. Villagers and also travelers stop here to relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery and healing water.