In Armenia, which happened at the intersection of political events, has formed a unique architectural style based on the architectural traditions of the past, which has been implemented in a number of Artsakh meliks palaces and related structures.

One of these was the palace complex of palaces of the king Melik Yegan, Artsakh freedom fighter, an eminent political figure of the Middle Ages end, which is now in the process of recovery (carved gates, courtyard, vaulted rooms, two-stored apartment and reception).

State historical reserve "Togh Meliks Palace" is located in the central densely built-up centre of the village Togh. According to the inscription of builders carved above the main entrance to the reception on the second floor, the palace was built in 1737 by the founder of Dizak melikate Melik Yegan.

Togh was the centre of the well-known autonomous government "Melikdoms of Khamsa" uniting under its command the five Artsakh principalities, where the residence palace of the united state of Melik-Yegan (Melik Avan Khan) was bulit.

Togh meliks palace complex is one of the earliest precisely dated similar monuments of Artsakh, and its structure, obviously, had a defensive character for the region as a strategic defense point of southern province of Dizak. Great value has uniquely designed reception hall, with long inscriptions that mention the purpose of it.