Infinite paths, high-mountain plains and cliffs, here practically a paradise for fans of a mountain bike. The main sights of Artsakh are the mountains, they will serve you as ideal companions and signposts. You can ride on steep slopes, go through water barriers and green plains, reach the top of the mountains and "touch the sky." Going on a bicycle tour around Artsakh, you should not be afraid of water shortage, the nature itself will treat you with rocky clean water, and in the summer you can cool in the lakes, relax on the green meadows under the sparkling rays of the sun. On the way, you will meet people from nearby villages, where you can stop at will. Guests are offered delicious food and home-made drinks.
In Artsakh, there are specially designated trails and acting the community “Mountain Bikers of Artsakh”, where you can find information about the country's bicycle routes or join a group of travelers
On the road you will be accompanied by professional cyclists, who will plan for you an exciting and unforgettable route.