Artsakh is a perfect place for active leisure lovers. Off-road tours in Artsakh is a healthy dose of adrenaline and enthusiasm. Reaching impassable or even missing mountain roads on the edge of huge gorges by all-terrain vehicles, Artsakh will surprise you with its wonderful landscapes.
Just imagine yourself as you drive along a shallow river or ascend a mountain overcoming all obstacles to reach the top. Off-road tours are serviced by experienced drivers who have many years of practice in this field. If you wish, you can drive yourself, trying personally reach inaccessible places. Tourist routes, stretching along impassable roads, mainly offer to visit sights in wonderful places, for overnight staying in hospitable guest houses in Artsakh villages; tasting of original dishes and drinks from each specific region, and sometimes picnics in the open air or overnight in a tent near the hot springs. Jeeping tours in Artsakh is the way to discover the impassable parts of the country.