For centuries Karabakh is considered a stronghold of Christianity not only in Armenia, but also in the South Caucasus. Christianity has penetrated here already in the 1st century. In Artsakh even in the Soviet period were carefully preserved the shrines - churches, monasteries and chapels. The main centers of pilgrimage in Karabakh remain Gandzasar, where lies one of the main relics of the Christian world - the head of John the Baptist, Dadivank monastery, which was built on the grave of Dadi - one of the students of the Apostle Tadevos, monasteries of Amaras and the Apostle Eghishe, built respectively on the graves of Grigoris, grandson Gregory the Illuminator and the Apostle  Yeghishe. The remains of St. Zacharias and St. Panteleimon are also buried in Amaras monastery. All this favors the development of religious tourism. Every year many pilgrims visit Karabakh, coming to worship the Christian shrines - the head of John the Baptist, the relics of St. Zacharias and St. Panteleimon.