New Year 2021 Celebration





31 Dec, 2021





New year is one of the favorite and anticipated holidays for all Armenians. There is a wonderful ambiance in Stepanakert during New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve, men do barbecue (typically from their balconies in their own barbecue facilities) and the women make delicious and rare dishes. On the night of the New Year, the smell of barbecue is spread throughout the city, from village to village, making the New Year sweet. An annual gala concert dedicated to the New Year is held on December 31st in Renaissance Square of Stepanakert. The gala concert starts at 8:00am and ends at 10:00pm with fireworks. There are performances on stage by famous Artsakhian singers and bands: “The songs of Artsakh,” “We are our Mountains” national bands, national dance ensemble etc. The people of Artsakh celebrate New Year at home with their families. Fireworks are launched in the sky exactly at midnight and everyone wishes each other a Happy New Year. The city glimmers with lights and one can feel the uplifting spirits of the New Year’s festivities.

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