One of the most traditional and entertaining festivals in Artsakh, annually held in Togh village


The sixth Artsakh Wine festival will be held in the Togh village of Artsakh’s Hadrut region. On September 21 the best winemakers from Armenia and Artsakh, local and international wine lovers will gather in the territory of Meliks’ Palace of Togh to celebrate the brightest event of autumn and share their expertise and advice pertaining to wine. The festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Artsakh. 


The site of festival is not accidentally chosen, Togh is a small ancient village rich in history and cultural heritage, where every stone can talk about the centuries old history of Togh Meliks’ Palace, St. Stepanos church, Kataro wine factory and exquisite unique cross stones. 
Artsakh is famous for its delicious food and there are a lot of dishes and drinks that have become a symbol of the country (just think about Zhengyalov Hats - a bread pancake with herbs, Mulberry vodka, for example). But there's also something else that can’t be easily forgotten: wine. 


Since ancient times, Armenia has been famous for its wine-makers, ancient methods of grape and wine making, traditions that have been known since the Kingdom of Urartu and have survived to this day. Artsakh takes on deeper dimensions as it experiences a wine renaissance of its own, thanks to a one of a kind grape called Khndoghni, also known as Sireni, which is characterized by a powerful, deep and rich complexity. According to the old legend, Noah was the first man who planted the grapevine in the Ararat valley. Also, Greek Historians, Herodotus and Strabo's mentioned about Armenian wine in their recordings. Our Legend, Charles Aznavour once said: "The specialty of the Armenian Wine is that you feel it, but you can’t describe it in words." 

Artsakh Wine Festival is one of the most favorite festivals in Artsakh. Armenians love wine and everything connected to it, so this festival is a great way to combine wine with the amazing atmosphere of music, dances, and games. Travelers can choose from red, white, sparkling, fruity-flavored, light, or strong wines – the possibilities are almost endless. The party atmosphere is guaranteed and the wine tastes great wherever you are! You will be spoilt for choice!


The festival is open to everyone and does not require an entrance ticket. In case some visitors would like to explore more, additional services are available with an established price, such as a tour “History and Winemaking”, Wine Master Class, participation to the Gala Dinner with Winemakers, as well as an organized tour from Yerevan to the venue of the festival.  

The program of  Artsakh Wine Festival will include :
- Exhibition-fair of the best wines of Armenia and Artsakh;
- Fair of homemade wines and agricultural products;
- Concert program with performances of famous singers, dance groups and DJs;
- Fest entertainment programs including excursions, dances, auctions, lotteries, interesting table games, wine tasting and various other activities;
- Exhibition Arts and Crafts by masters from Artsakh;
- Food points with delicious dishes of Artsakh cuisine.


So mark off on your calendar September 21, 2019. As Luis Fernando Olaverri said "Wine is the only artwork you can drink". Let’s drink that artwork with traditional Artsakhian Zhengyalov Hats and celebrate together the Independence Day of Armenia.  

Buses will operate from the Stepanakert Renaissance Square to the festival venue and back. Tickets can be purchased from the Tourist Information Centre located at Renaissance square. 
Let's discover Artsakh as a wine destination and a hospitable country that is always happy to host guests from all over the world.
Come to Togh village and enjoy one of the greatest events of the year in Artsakh. 

Let’s cheer for Independents together! 


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