CONIFA 2019 and Tourism in Artsakh


What is CONIFA?
The Confederation of Independent Football Associations, founded in 2013, is a global organization for unrecognized countries, nations, minorities, isolated dependencies or cultural regions that do not belong to FIFA, such as the Republic of Artsakh.
The 2019 CONIFA European Football Cup.
From the 1st to the 10th of June of this year, the third European football cup will be held in the Republic of Artsakh.
In 2018, CONIFA authorities could have passed through Artsakh, and between receptions and confessions, the organization determined that the championship should be held here. Artsakh has been a member of CONIFA since its inception and it is a country where the flow of tourists has increased and the hospitable population is predisposed to hold the tournament.
In the tournament, 12 teams will participate:  Western Armenia, Abkhazia, Artsakh, Padania, Country of Nice, Donetsk, Lapland, Luhansk, Chameria, Sardinia, South Ossetia, Szekely Land.
If you plan to come in Artsakh during the CONIFA we provide you with the following information!
The city of Stepanakert has a wide variety of accommodations ranging from 10 USD per night. They hotels, hostels, inns, guest house, B&B. Government certified hotels ranging from 3 to 4 stars.
From the largest 4-star hotel, to the smallest traditional farmhouses, Artsakh hospitality can be observed in the service provided by the local staff.
For more information, we invite you to visit "Accommodation" section on our official website
In restaurants you can get delicious dishes and drinks typical to the region. The most popular dish is Zhengyalov hats, the national food in Artsakh.  This is a bread with a mixture of about 20 different varieties wild and garden, finely chopped greens with vegetable and oil. Artsakhian people like drink homemade wine with zhengyalov hats. The other no less popular food in this region, is the different types of armenian khorovats (barbecue), pork, mutton or beef, pre-marinated in a mixture of onion, salt, red or black pepper and barbecued on coals. Another most traditional dish is khash - a beef shin broth that is prepared throughout the night and served during the morning. It is served with garlic, vinegar and dry lavash, that is spread in the soup. In these places, you can also find other foods like Kurkut, Dolma (beef wrapped in grape or cabbage leaves), Khashlama (meat or lamb stew with tomatoes, sweet pepper, onions and carrots), mulberry vodka.
Also, there are two pubs in the capital city where you can spend the evenings and enjoy your time. They have all kinds of drinks from all regions.
The products you can find in the markets, restaurants and cafes, come from organic raw materials from the nearby fields of the region.
Your free time you can spend by visiting nearby places.
Stepanakert is the capital of the Republic of Artsakh. There are 4 museums, such as: The Artsakh State Museum of History and Local Lore, Museum of Memory of the Fallen Azatamartiks (soldiers), the Memorial Museum of the Missing Azatamartiks and Museum of Fine Arts of Stepanakert. Near the main square, in the central market of the city you can find various regional products, such as zhengyalov hats, mulberry vodka, delicious pickles, among other traditional products. You can also visit the monument "Tatik Papik" (“We are our mountains”), located in the surroundings of the city.
The city of Shoushi located between the mountains, is the cultural capital of Artsakh. It has different museums like the Geological Museum, Shoushi History Museum, Carpets Museum, Museum of Money and Fine Art Gallery. Towen located in 20 minutes by car from Stepanakert and in 30 minutes by bus (two-way ticket is 1 USD).
Tigranakert is an ancient city that lies between the cities of Askeran and Martakert, where will be held some football matches. Tigranakert was one of the four cities of the same name founded by order of Tigran the Great in the 1 BC. There is located the museum of Tigranakert, it is an old fortress of 18th century.
Gandzasar Monastery is another interesting and historic place in the region which you can’t leave without visiting. It is an old monastery founded in 1238 that is located on the top of  the hill, near the village Vank, on the left bank of the river Khachen.
All above mentioned places you can visit by buses from Stepanakert’s bus station. 
In addition to the main places listed above, Artsakh has multiple sites to know where the tourist routes are grouped as follows:
-Highway Stepanakert-Askeran-Martakert (Section that goes from the capital to Martakert, more populated city. On this route we have three stadiums).
-Northern tourist route (Here we will find Gandzasar and Dadivank monasteries, among other interesting places).
-South tourist route (On this route are Amaras monastery, Platan tree “Tnjri” which is more than 2000 years and the famous “Azokh Cave”).
-Highway Stepanakert-Martouni (The city of Martouni and the Monument-fountain of Anahit are one of the most interesting places of this route).
Stadiums information
Currently, the stadiums are being remodeled for the competition. During tournament we will have three different stadiums: Stepanakert, Askeran and Martakert, where the three towns are located within the Stepanakert-Askeran-Martakert tourist route.
•    Domestic Currency
On the territory of Artsakh the currency of Armenia is used and the fixed monetary unit is Armenian dram (AMD). It is allowed to import to Artsakh unlimited sum of money in cash, either in local or in foreign currency, international credit cards (“VISA”, “MASTERCARD”, and “MAESTRO”). Any easy convertable currency can be changed into Armenian drams on one’s arrival in Artsakh in banks, in most hotels or in certificated exchange offices situated in Stepanakert and in regional centers.