Dreams become reality in Artsakh.


Summer is the best time to travel, when you can fulfill all dreams, plans, to travel, make new discoveries and enjoy life. Artsakh is full of picturesque places. We offer you to definitely visit Artsakh this summer. Let's discover together the hidden treasures of Artsakh – a land of magnificent mountains, unique beautiful valleys, thermal springs, unique monuments and museums with rich historical and cultural heritage. When planning a holiday, it is not unimportant to save. In our tour there is the combination of those two, we offer a pleasant stay and a very affordable price.


Travel around the places of interest in Artsakh for 100-250 drams (0,21-0,53$ as of July 15, 2019).
Can you imagine such affordable tours? At first you can think that it can’t be right, but to your surprise it is a pleasant reality. On the Initiative of the Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Artsakh, passengers' transportations are being carried out along four different routes starting from June 1st.
Please be informed that the following changes have been made in the schedule of "Tourist - Bus" regular passenger’ transportations:
Tourist buses will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting from July 15th. The departure is from the Renaissance square. Tickets can be purchased from the Tourist Information Center from 9 am till 8 pm. For more information: +(374 97) 39 91 75.

Route 1. Stepanakert- Nikol Duman house-museum-Gandzasar-Stepanakert
Departure time: 10:00 AM.
Return to Stepanakert: 14:00 PM.
Ticket price:  250 AMD (0,53$ as of July 15, 2019)

Route 2. Stepanakert-“Tnjri” tree- Togh village- Aquapark-Stepanakert
Departure time: 10:00 AM.
Return to Stepanakert: 18:00 PM.
Ticket price:  250 AMD (0,53$ as of July 15, 2019)

Route 3. Stepanakert- “Hunot Canyon” reserve-Stepanakert
Departure time: 10:00 AM.
Return to Stepanakert: 13:00 PM.
Ticket price:  100 AMD (0,21$ as of July 15, 2019)

Route 4. Stepanakert -Mayraberd fortress - Tigranakert –Stepanakert
Departure time: 17:00 AM.
Return to Stepanakert: 20:30 PM.
Ticket price:  200 AMD (0,43$ as of July 15, 2019)


If you have always dreamed of seeing the sights of Artsakh, but for some reasons it has never happened, this wonderful opportunity is for you.
What do we offer, why choose us?
• Very affordable tours to Artsakh's main tourist destinations,
• Convenient tourist buses,
• A great opportunity to get new friends and, most importantly, a great opportunity to make your long-term dream come true.
What is the aim of organizing these tours?

The initiative has been aimed to boost domestic tourism and create favourable conditions for tourists in general. We want that the local residents discover Artsakh in a new way, and the tourists after seeing the sights of interest, make sure that better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. We want to see satisfaction and smiles on your faces.
From June 1st to July 15th 1093 people have discovered Artsakh and expressed their admiration for those who contributed to organizing these tours. Your participation and positive feedback are very important for us.
Here are some of those reviews:

 ‘’It was an excellent organized tour to the house-museum of Nikol Duman and the famous monastery of Gandzasar. We had enough time to see everything and to enjoy the beautiful view. Included in the tour is a lunch-break at a nice place with some attractions and a restaurant. The tour offers a great experience for a very low price. You get more acquainted with the countryside and the beautiful sights of Artsakh.‘’ 

''Today I visited Hunot Canyon state natural-historical reserve and Tigranakert. Very nice trip to the waterfall with a breathtaking view on the rocks. I enjoyed it very much. It was very interesting to visit the ancient fortress of Tigranakert and to see the surrounding landscape. The tour was in the evening, so it was not too hot to walk a little bit and to have a picnic at the fortress. I am very happy that I have done this tour.''
Anna Goeltenboth, Germany

‘’Great tour, very easy and well organized, very cleany with plenty of time at destination.’'
Briam O’Connor, Ireland

‘’Artsakh is my element. In recent years, I prefer to spend my summer holidays in Artsakh and visit the picturesque places. In the previous years, we used taxis to go to Tigranakert, Gandzasar, Amaras, which were expensive enough. This year, before coming to Artsakh, I learned that there is a tourist center in Stepanakert's renaissance square, which organizes trips to Artsakh's historical and cultural sites. I have already been to Hunot Canyon, and tomorrow I am going to Tigranakert. Fare is quite affordable. I think such trips will increase the number of tourists as everyone should recognize and love Artsakh. I propose to add available travel routes from Armenia as much as possible, as in this way it is possible to eliminate the barrier between Armenia and Artsakh.
I love you, Artsakh ...’’
Iskuhi Dallakyan, Yerevan

''I think Artsakh has needed such a program for a long time. It provides an opportunity not only to foreign tourists to travel around Artsakh seeing the sights of the country for a small amount of money (250 drams or $ 0.5), but also allows to develop domestic tourism. Because, living here, we often forget about our culture, forget about the last time we saw the monastery complex of Gandzasar or Tigranakert. In the summer I have already seen Tnjri tree, was at Nikol Duman's house-museum, lit a candle in Gandzasar Monastery, and all this thanks to this wonderful initiative. Thank you.''
Mirzoyan Lida, Stepanakert

''I recommend. All for 5+ Very well organized tours. Prices compared with other countries are very affordable.''
Minasyan Samvel, Stepanakert

If this article interested you and now you want to make your dream of visiting Artsakh come true and join the 1093 lucky ones, call us +(374 97) 39 91 75 . Now it's your turn. Artsakh is waiting for you.
Let’s discover Artsakh together, a place where even the most cherished dreams come true.