Despite the fact that Artsakh borders with three countries - the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran - for tourists, still the main route to Artsakh passes through Armenia. Quite attractive route of approximately 350 km - the main highway connecting Yerevan to Stepanakert - passes through the northern regions of Armenia, the cities of Yeghegnadzor, Vayk, Goris. The main highway is in good condition and works year round. Duration, depending on the vehicle, runs in the range of 4 to 6 hours. Every day, from 8:00 am with an interval of 1 hour from the Central bus station in Yerevan the buses and minibuses travel to Stepanakert, arriving in for 5-6 hours. Ticket price is 5,000 drams (about 10US dollars). Also, from the station, travelers can hire four-seated cab. The fare for a taxi to Stepanakert is about 18 US dollars per passenger. The taxi leaves when picking up four passengers. You can also rent a separate car for about 90$. From Armenia, Artsakh also can be reached by road Vardenis-Martakert, which is in good condition and well maintained.